7 Esports Tips for Newbies

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Meanwhile, here are seven esports tips for newbies:

1. Put in the practice hours

You can’t really become a winning player if you don’t put the practice in. Yes, there’s some natural talent required, but all the top players put in tons of hours. This should be treated as a sport, after all. There are some who say that esports require more hours practice than many other sports. Either way, you need to practice if you want to get good.

2. Have other things to do

While practice is important, you shouldn’t be spending 12 hours a day playing computer games. No matter how much you can earn. Make sure you break up this practice time with other things in your life. Make sure you take care of your real-world priorities, too. Like work or school.

3. Don’t enter paid games too quickly

You might be itching to start playing for real money, but don’t rush into things. That’s how you could lose a lot before you’ve even got started. Play the games you like for free for hours before risking any money. And never risk more than you can afford to lose.

4. Start at the bottom

Don’t jump into high paying games. If you’re new to money play, start at the lower levels to get a feel for things first. Again, you should stick to strict bankroll management and make sure you only enter games at a fraction of what you can afford to lose.

5. Pick the right game

There is a wide range of different games you can get into for esports. Make sure you pick the right one. Obviously, Fortnite requires a completely different skillset to DOTA or CS. It’s hard to specialize at more than one game so pick the one you’re good at and enjoy and spend the time getting better.

6. Have a good PC and connection

Your equipment is important when it comes to esports. You don’t want to get a lag spike or have trouble with your FPS. This is especially important if you’re playing for money. So make sure you’ve got a good computer and a good internet connection. You might want to consider ethernet connection instead of wifi, as well.

7. Don’t go on tilt

Keeping a level head is important in esports, especially if you’re playing for money. It’s similar to poker in that sense. If you lose in a bad way, take a break and make sure your emotions aren’t too high. Try and treat the losses like the wins and don’t go on tilt and start making wild decisions or entering games you can’t afford.

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