Age of Empires II: Battle of Africa 2 starts today

Battle of Africa 2, the 3 v 3 Age of Empires II tournament will be starting with the qualification stage today. The tournament, which is organized by MembTV, has a prizepool of 20,000 Euros. Games will be played on the weekends only, and for the first weekend, this is the what will be up for display.

Team Secret, Aftermath, Suomi – they’re all there! You’re probably wondering what the format is, which maps will be used and how the drafting will be done, right? All details have been included in this video by MembTV.

The last tournament that took place was Red Bull Wololo, which was on the previous patch (April 2020 patch) and was also a 1 v 1 tournament starting in the Feudal Age. Battle of Africa will be played on the May 202 patch, will start in the Dark Age and have fixed player positions, so teams can plan their strategies beforehand. Battle of Africa I took place in 2018, and while some of the old maps will be used in BoA 2, there are few new maps to add to the excitement as well.

All the top AoE II players will be participating in BoA 2, which should make for an exciting event. As the tournament progresses, VPEsports will bring the results and the details of the games. Make sure you catch all the action on

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