Astralis teams with Nordic retailer POWER – The Esports Observer

Danish esports organization Astralis has announced a new commercial partnership with electronics retailer POWER. The deal will bring Astralis into POWER retail locations across the Nordics. According to a release, POWER will establish “separate Astralis universes in our stores.” The retailer will also supply Astralis-branded products and plan other activations in-store with the team.

Astralis is arguably the most well-known Danish esports team at this time. In addition to its presence in the LEC, the organization is the first ever to win four Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors, and the first to win three Majors in a row. As POWER Denmark Sales Manager Simon Frolich put it:  “Everybody in this region who have ever just heard of esports know the Astralis name.”

The organization recently established a gaming center in Copenhagen dubbed Astralis Nexus through a partnership with amusement park Tivoli Gardens.

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