Betway Partners with Brazilian Esports Outfit FURIA – The Esports Observer

Betting website Betway is partnering with the esports organization FURIA. The company joins Red Bull, PokerStars, Nike, monitor brand AOC, HyperX, and Twitch as FURIA’s sponsors, and expands its presence in the Brazilian esports environment as it is already known by the audience for its four-year long sponsorship of MIBR.  With this, betting website Rivalry does not renew its sponsorship with the team. 

FURIA is currently in a new cycle of sponsorships, as brands such as Unilever’s shampoo Clear, supplement brand Whiz, LEGION by Lenovo, and payment method GamersCard, have also finished their contracts with FURIA in the last months, and are not with the organization anymore, while other brands as Red Bull and PokerStars were recently added to its portfolio. Shorter contracts with Aim Lab and the e-commerce tool Clear Sale are also in place.

The deal with Betway is valid for one year, in which the betting website brand will be displayed on FURIA’s jerseys and in the overlay of its streamers on Twitch. Other periodic actions and events throughout the year are also covered by the contract.

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