Blacklist International transfer 14-year-old MLBB prodigy from team

Blacklist International has revealed the departure of Kairi “FULLCLIP” Rayosdelsol from their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines team. The young prodigy was picked up by Blacklist International and finds himself competing in the top tier of the esport at just 14-years-old.

“Here’s to saying goodbye to a friend, a brother, and an exceptional esports athlete,” a statement from the organization started.

After a playoff run in MPL-PH, Blacklist International found themselves watching the final stages from the outside looking in but in no way had a bad season. The team finished in the top half of their group, but for FULLCLIP this was clearly not enough.

According to the announcement, FULLCLIP made the request to transfer to another team.

“Kairi. asked to be transferred to another team. While we are heartbroken, we are never here to impede our player’s growth so we made this happen. From the day we discovered your skill and potential, we know that there’s a bright future ahead of you. Best of luck,” the statement from Blacklist International read.

It’s expected FULLCLIP will be making the move to ONIC PH after a photo was shared on Facebook showcasing him and Jaylord “Hate” Gonzales at the ONIC PH boot camp.

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