E-Flix and Cruzeiro Terminate License Contract; CBLOL Franchise Spot Continues

Brazilian esports promotion company E-Flix eSports announced that its licensing contract with Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, one of the main soccer clubs in Brazil, for Cruzeiro eSports has been terminated. E-Flix holds spots in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) franchise and in the Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF), and will keep the teams running without Cruzeiro’s branding.

In an official statement, E-Flix said that Riot Games has been informed and agreed with the plan of a branding transition. E-Flix also fields an EA Sports FIFA 21 team and will continue fielding rosters in all esports it is involved in, but after the contract termination players were released from their image rights contracts relative to Cruzeiro.

Riot Games also released an official statement on the branding change of one of its franchisees, saying that E-Flix presented a business plan for the upcoming splits and that it believes in the company’s “long-term vision and capability to implement these plans.”

The Esports Observer contacted E-Flix’s management to learn the reason behind the contract termination and if there are plans for the company to have another brand to represent it but had no response at the time of writing. Across Brazilian social media, the reception of the news was negative, especially by supporters of organizations that were left out of the CBLOL franchise as Cruzeiro eSports was a newcomer in the League of Legends scene.

E-Flix is also the manager of the esports project for the Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF, from the acronym in Portuguese), responsible for the Brazilian national teams of soccer. Cruzeiro soccer team is in its worst period in history, being the second consecutive year in the second division of the Brazilian soccer league and facing a deep financial crisis.

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