Epic Esports Events Reveals EPIC League: Season 2 Dota 2 Competition

Tournament organizer Epic Esports Events announced that the second season of its EPIC League Dota 2 online tournament will kick off on Thursday with open qualifiers. The tournament featuring top talent from Europe and the CIS region will replace the second season of OMEGA League announced earlier this year.

Matches will be held in two divisions in the Europe and CIS region, with open qualifiers being held from Oct. 29 – 30 on FACEIT. Closed qualifiers will take place Nov. 3 – 11, with the participants to be announced at a later date.

First division games will take place from Nov. 12 – Dec. 5, while the playoff stage will be held from Dec. 8 – 13. First division participants include Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere, Alliance, Team Liquid, Nigma, Vikin.gg, OG, and Team Secret. The total prize pool for the first division will be $500K USD.

Second division participants will play from Nov. 11 – Dec. 1, followed by a playoff stage Dec. 8 – 13. The total prize pool for the second division will be $50K.

The second season will feature fewer teams (from 12 to 10), but more matches (from 30 to 45).

Epic Esports Events revealed in September its initial plans for the second season of its Dota 2 OMEGA League tournament series and revealed that partner WePlay! Esports would not be taking part this time around.

Even as The International 10 prize pool surpassed $40M earlier this month, official Dota 2 events in 2020 have been few and far between as the world and the esports industry deals with an ongoing global pandemic. This lack of events and Valve’s silence on the matter has left many professional teams and the community frustrated and uncertain about the future.

As criticism grew, Valve promised to do more to support third-party tournament organizers that want to operate Dota 2 events. Besides Epic Esports Events’ Dota 2 competitions, Croatia-based One Game Agency ran an online Dota 2 competition called AMD SAPPHIRE OGA DOTA PIT EU/CIS in September. 

Earlier this month, Valve committed $45K to help organizer Live Media Esports Entertainment produce two tournaments under the South American Movistar Liga Pro Gaming.

Also this month, Perfect World, Valve’s publishing partner in China, announced the Perfect World Dota 2 League competition, featuring a $200K prize pool and participation from Dota 2 teams in China and other regions in Asia. Unfortunately, the competition conflicted with another competition taking place at the same time: the Chinese Dota 2 Association’s CDA-FDC.