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LLA League of Legends team Estral Esports may bring South Korean player Kim “Mightybear” Min-su to their 2021 roster. The rumored addition to their team is part of the free agency window happening within the pro-LoL scene. Although not confirmed, he may be one of the many South Korean players to play for a Latin American team in the upcoming year.

Mightybear goes to the LLA

The Mexico-based team is undergoing some changes for the new season, and their slot of jungle is currently open for grabs. According to FOMOS reporter Kenzi, Challengers Korea team hyFresh Blade’s Mightybear may hop on over to Mexico. The 25-year-old South Korean player has been in the pro-scene since 2015, playing for teams such as Team Vitality and ROX Tigers. He’s competed in various splits, winning first place in the 2019 Challenger Korea Spring Playoffs. If rumors are true, Mightybear playing in the LLA may prove as a new challenge. Besides the language barrier, it’s unlikely that he’s played with any of the current members of Estral Esports. However, his experience in several teams may prove useful to his team in the long-run.

Estral Esports have not confirmed their new roster yet, but according to Latam HUMO Esports, they have a few players in mind. Joining the team may be Rainbow7’s former top and bot-laners Emmanuel “Acce” Juárez and Francisco “Leza” Barragán.

The LLA welcoming new faces

Mightybear joining Estral Esports adds him to the list of other South Korean players headed to the LLA. This list includes All Knight’s new support Kim “Wadid” Bae-in and Rainbow7’s rumored top laner Jeon “Ray” Ji-won. Another Estral Esports rumor includes the addition of an import for their ADC slot, formerly taken up by Héctor “CARITATRISTE” Jaramillo, now a free agent. Whether the import is another South Korean player is unknown.

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