FaZe Clan selects HyperX as official gaming microphone partner – The Esports Observer

Gaming organization FaZe Clan has secured a new partnership with peripheral brand HyperX. The company will become Faze’s official gaming microphone partner, providing its microphone products to Faze’s roster of content creators.

HyperX will support a variety of activations, including FaZe talent meet-and-greets, video and social media content, and product giveaways.

The partnership is somewhat notable for its category-specific nature. While many teams have made deals with HyperX, these partnerships generally focus on other peripheral categories such as headsets, mice and keyboards. Earlier this year, XSET signed a partnership deal with HyperX which covered multiple peripheral categories including microphones. 

Microphones specifically are a generally under-represented partnership category, with the most notable recent deal being Blue Yeti’s partnership with Complexity for the World of Warcraft Race to World First event.

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