Fix for Legends of Runeterra wildcard and shard bug in the works

Riot Games released the Legends of Runeterra open beta this past weekend without too many issues. But a wildcard bug has some players thinking they’ve lost purchased cards. 

The bug prevents wildcard and shard totals from updating after players craft new cards, leaving many players believing they have more wildcards than they actually do. Riot is aware of the issue and is working on the fix. There’s a way to get around the bug until its fixed, although it’s somewhat time-consuming.

“Purchasing cards with wildcards or shards does not visually update your wildcard or shard total (actual total remains correct),” Riot said. “This issue will be fixed with our next small release in less than two weeks. Until then, changing pages within the client (i.e., backing out to your decks, then going back into deckbuilder) should correct your totals.”

The issue has led to confusion among new players, resulting in refund tickets for lost or unpurchased cards. But the LoR cards were likely never purchased in the first place, as a message stating “Purchase Failed” shows up when a player has depleted their wildcard and shard inventory. 

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