Fortnite's Overtime challenge bugged, Epic looking into a fix

One of the Fortnite challenges from the Remedy vs. Toxin mission has been bugged and is failing to track player progression. But Epic is on the case.

According to the official Fortnite Trello board, Epic Games is aware of the issue and has found that several bus stops do not count towards the challenge. Bus stops in Sweaty Sands, Pleasant Park, and Slurpy Swamp have been reported to not count.

Fortnite Status on Twitter

Beep beep! We’re aware some bus stops aren’t tracking correctly for the “Visit different bus stops” Overtime Challenge and will provide an update when we have more info.

Remedy vs. Toxin challenges became available on Jan. 9, giving players another 11 tasks to complete. Once players finish nine out of 11 challenges, they would be rewarded with the purple Remedy skin.

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