G2 Perkz pulls off the great escape with Azir in League of Legends

It’s not often that a bird can escape the clutches of a feral feline. But G2 Esports’ Luka “Perkz” Perković proved otherwise.

The Croatian League of Legends player showed off his elusive Azir mechanics during his Twitch broadcast last night. Perkz was able to survive a Rengar chase with a sliver of health, suggesting that the cat’s claws may need to be sharpened a bit.

Luka the FKNG bazooka

Clip of g2perkz Playing League of Legends – Clipped by Nardevil

The pro player was ambushed in his jungle by the enemy Rengar, who quickly took him to fatal health in one pounce. With some quick thinking, Perkz pushed the feline back with Emperor’s Divide (R). The opposing Xerath attempted to finish the Croatian player off with his ultimate, but several successful dodges and a double dash over a wall were enough to stall for the time being.

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