Gillette Partners With the HBCU Esports Alliance and CSL to Support Students

Gillette, the North American personal care product company, has partnered with (HEA), a newly formed esports league for HBCU students and CSL Esports to support HBCU students “as they enter the esports and gaming ecosystem.” The new “Groomed to Game” partnership will see Gillette provide support to HEA and CSL’s platform that boasts 20 member HBCU schools who have themselves partnered with the 12-member Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA).

Beginning in February, HEA member schools will compete in EA Sports Madden NFL 21 during the league season, in which Gillette will provide scholarship money and prizes to some of the participating schools.

The competitive matchups will be played in Madden’s “The Yard” mode that features a “Gillette Style Zone” which allows players to “customize their avatar’s facial hair and hairstyle in the game.”

In addition to the scholarship money and prizes, Gillette will also support the HEA and CSL, working closely with the HBCUs to “provide students education about the esports and gaming industry and access to opportunities within it.”

During the ‘Groomed to Game’ initiative, Gillette will use this as an activation opportunity to feature its SkinGuard razor, a razor “specifically designed to help men whose skin is prone to razor bumps and irritation.” 

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