Japan, IOC Deny Reports of Olympics Cancellation

The Japanese government and International Olympic Committee have denied a report of the potential cancelation of the Tokyo Olympics. According to Reuters, a spokesperson for the Japanese government stated that there was “no truth” to a report from the U.K. newspaper Times that Japan had privately concluded the games would be canceled.

The report, which cited an unidentified senior member of Japan’s ruling coalition, indicated that the government would be aiming to secure the games for 2032 – the next available year.

Japan Olympic Committee head Yasuhiro Yamashita told Reuters that the report was “a fabrication.”

The Tokyo Olympics had originally been scheduled for Summer 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, a global esports program featuring Street Fighter and Rocket League was planned to coincide with the games. A new plan and schedule for the esports event has not yet been announced.

The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to open on July 23.

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