Latest League of Legends bug activates Lissandra’s Frozen Thrall passive from Kayn W

Uh oh.

League of Legends’ latest patch may have brought a pesky bug along with it.

A League fan encountered an odd Lissandra bug today that activated her passive after Shadow Assassin Kayn uses W.

The Ice Witch spawns untargetable Frozen Thralls from the corpse of enemy champions, which slow and damage nearby foes. While this interaction is typically reserved for player-controlled champions, a glitch caused it to proc from a clone.

When Kayn is in his Shadow Assassin form and uses Blade’s Reach (W), he conjures a living shadow that casts the ability for him. The bug seemingly identified the living shadow as an enemy champion, which activated Lissandra’s passive after it despawned.

It’s unclear what exactly caused this glitch to occur, but it may be related to a bug fix pushed live in League Patch 10.10. The change allows Lissandra to “properly” create a Frozen Thrall of Master Yi when he dies during Alpha Strike. That may have affected how clones activate Lissandra’s passive as well.

If the bug begins to plague matchmaking, Riot will likely patch it out immediately.

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