MTG Grand Prix Oklahoma showcased meta diversity

Following Mythic Championship VII earlier this month, five Standard decks have emerged as the most popular in Magic: The Gathering

Over 300 competitors gathered this past weekend to compete in the Oklahoma City Standard Grand Prix. A majority of those players brought one of five decks to compete with: Simic Flash, Jund Sacrifice, Jeskai Fires, GB Adventure, and Simic Ramp. 

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Full #MTGOKC Standard Metagame breakdown: 74 Other 45 Simic Flash 40 Jund Sac 39 Jeskai Fires 38 GB Adventure 34 Simic Ramp 13 UW Control 11 Rakdos Knights 9 Izzet Flash 8 Gruul Adventure 7 Gruul Aggro 7 Rakdos Sacrifice 6 Five-Color Fires 6 GB Sac 6 Temur Adventure

But they weren’t the only decks played at the Oklahoma City GP. The Standard meta continues to showcase a wide diversity of decks that are proving they can compete against the dominant five. At the start of day two, there were several archetypes giving the five most popular decks a run for their money. 

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