Natus Vincere Sign Pradiggg As CS:GO Analyst

Vsevolod “Pradiggg” Plotnikov officially joins the CIS powerhouse to strengthen CS:GO roster.

After working for a while on a trial period, Pradiggg has proven his value. Officially landing a contract with Natus`Vincere.

A well known as content creator in the CIS CS:GO community. Pradiggg is also one of the founders of the EZ PZ podcast; A CS:GO-related podcast featuring famous guests from the CIS Counter-Strike community. Previous guests have included Vitalii “v1lat” Volochai, Anatoliy “liTTle” Yashin and Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov.

Vsevolod also shared his emotions on joining Na`Vi via Twitter: “I’m truly happy to be part of Natus Vincere as CS:GO analyst”. He said in his tweet. “I am grateful to the organization for this opportunity and am ready to do everything i can for the team’s progress”.

The details and the duration of the contact have not been revealed.

Feature Image: @Pradiggg

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