New LoL Patch 9.24 wants to kill the Yuumi/Garen combo

The patch notes for League of Legends Patch 9.24 are out and many Yuumi players might not be happy to see it. Riot Games are targeting the Magical Cat with one single intention — make her the support she’s designed to be.

This is, of course, a reaction to how Yuumi has actually been played, especially in pro games. Although designed to be a support that literally attaches to the AD carry to babysit it in lane, Yuumi has instead been turned into another damage dealer on the team. From there, teams like Fnatic pioneered the infamous Yuumi/Garen combo, where Garen — being a hard-to-kill anchor — just carries Yuumi around while she melts the enemy team. And out of combat, Garen’s innate healing combined with the healing from Yuumi’s E guaranteed that the duo will never die.

And that’s what Riot are targeting.

“We’re encouraging Yuumi to be the enchanter she was meant to be by buffing her supportive capabilities at the cost of damage. However, to access all her power, she’ll have to sit on squishier champions instead of being an untargetable damage source on top of an already unkillable champion, like Garen. We’re also asking her to sometimes expose herself to real danger by allowing attentive opponents to have actual kill threat on an unattached Yuumi,” the balance team explain.

What does that mean in terms of changes? First, Yuumi’s W is now put on a five-second cooldown when she’s immobilized and has a 0.25 second channel before she jumps to her anchor. That makes her way more exposed to being sniped and as a result, staying close to tank anchors like Garen becomes more risky.

In addition, Zoomies no longer stocks charges or increases Yuumi’s healing based on target’s missing health (which for tanks like Garen is a lot). Instead, she will give attack speed to her or the anchor — something that squishy bot laners like the traditional marksmen will greatly appreciate.

Now, even though Final Chapter has not been touched, the nerf to all the rest of her kit (including mana increase and AP scaling nerf on her Q) might be enough to deter players to pair Yuumi with Garen-esque anchors. Then again, who knows, it just might not.

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