Nike Signs ‘Cherrygumms’ as Brand Ambassador in Brazil – The Esports Observer

Brazilian esports icon Nicolle “Cherrygumms” Merhy was named on Tuesday as a brand ambassador for Nike, making her the first woman to have that role in Brazil’s gaming environment. She will participate in marketing actions, especially with Nike’s Air Max, and support the brand in its steps into esports in the country, including the signing of new ambassadors and sponsorships in the future. 

Merhy spoke to The Esports Observer about the deal: “I asked my mother if five years ago when I started in esports she could imagine I would have an agreement with Nike today. Not even I imagined. I use this to show how the digital world evolves in a way that the real world cannot keep up with,” she said.

The new Nike ambassador also made a quick analysis of the possibilities esports are opening: “It is historic for me to be Nike. Something that as a kid or teenager I saw in soccer players, and thought to be unreachable, is now possible. This is something esports are making possible, it is not even gaming, it is esports. It is new, it is inclusive, and it is the future.”

Merhy is one of Brazil’s most prominent esports personalities. She is also the ambassador of Ubisoft, Corsair, Acer, and Fusion Energy drink in the country, and the CEO of the Black Dragons organization. Her story was featured in TEO’s Women’s Day special “Celebrating Women in Esports.”

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