Omaken Sports Raises $18.2M and Acquires Heroic

Danish esports organization Heroic was acquired by Nordic esports organization Omaken Sports for an undisclosed amount. Omaken Sports was founded in 2020 by Norwegian gaming influencer Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen and has recently raised €15M EUR ($18.2M USD) for the acquisition and development of Heroic and Omaken. As part of the acquisition, Omaken Sports will integrate its PUBG roster into the Heroic brand, which will be the brand the organization is developing going forward.

Heroic was initially established in August 2016 and became part of the RFRSH Entertainment group, which at the time owned esports organization Astralis and esports tournament organizer BLAST. Due to World Esports Association’s (WESA) multi-team ownership rule, RFRSH sold Heroic to Seranades Global in November 2018.

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