Overwatch League Shows Off Echo In Exhibition Matches

With matches on a brief hiatus, the Overwatch League whet the appetite of fans this past weekend as they featured two exhibition matches between teams and showed off Echo, the newest hero to Overwatch, in the process. While the matches weren’t taken too seriously, the teams did show some of the devastating fire-power Echo has and kept us entertained with some crazy shenanigans along the way.

The first friendly match was between the San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty. It was the first time seeing Joon-yeong “Profit” Park playing for Seoul (sort of) and it was quickly apparent the teams were just having a bit of fun out there as they played a variety of comps with Echo at the focus.

The second match was an epic “Battle for LA” as the Valiant squared off against the Gladiators. In true-to-real-life fashion, the LA teams began their match on MEKA Base in Busan by having a gladiator-style Torbjörn Hammer 1v1 which was the most hyped thing to ever happen in the league (hyperbole?). This match played out much more troll-focused than the previous match as even the coaches for each team had their chance to shine during King’s Row.

A few things stood out over the course of the two matches played. One, reigning MVP – Jay “Sinatraa” Won – is great on the hero and got a lot of value out of her entire kit, including an awesome ultimate where he duplicated Tracer and almost farmed three-pulse bombs against an enemy Roadhog. Second, Echo’s ultimate is the most exciting ultimate in the game. It was awesome seeing players switch to a variety of heroes and the casters going wild trying to figure everything out. It will definitely be a challenge to cast the hero once she makes it into the game, but it should be a highly satisfying viewing experience once that does happen.

It was a sort of scuffed production, but that only heightened its appeal as just pure, chaotic fun in a moment where people are looking for something to help occupy the time during the outbreak and their practice of social distancing. There wasn’t a ton to take away from the matches themselves, but one thing is for certain, Echo is an extremely cool hero who has the chance to have some of the most fun moments in the league when she is finally ready for actual play.

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