Overwatch’s 2020 Winter Wonderland event is live

‘Tis the season to whip snowballs at your friends.

The world could always use some more holiday cheer. Overwatch’s annual Winter Wonderland event is now live and runs from Dec. 15 to Jan. 5. Players will have the opportunity to unlock eight new skins over the course of the event as well as dozens of other bonuses, like voice lines and player icons. 

A highlight of the Winter Wonderland is the return of event-specific game modes, like Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunt. Both modes return in this event alongside Snowball Deathmatch, which was added in 2019. 

This year, a new brawl mode called Freezethaw Elimination joins the list of holiday game modes. Four players on each team must freeze all of their enemies to win. Allies can be thawed by interaction. It’s like the playground game of Freeze Tag with an Overwatch twist. 

Fans will be occupied throughout the course of the entire event with weekly challenges. Each week, a new Epic skin will be available through a challenge. Players will have to win nine games of Overwatch in arcade mode, quick play, or competitive mode to unlock that week’s skin. 

Speaking of new skins, Overwatch’s creative team has leaned hard into the whimsy of the season with this year’s Winter Wonderland skins. Five new Legendary skins will be available to unlock during the event, including the already-popular Penguin Mei skin. Toybot Zenyatta, which turns the omnic into a jolly computer, is also an early hit. 

The Winter Wonderland event begins on Dec. 15 and runs through Jan. 5. Skins and assets from previous Winter Wonderland events will also be available at a discount throughout the event.

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