peacemaker open to head coach or assistant coach opportunities

Luis “⁠peacemaker⁠” Tadeu has revealed his plans to continue in coaching. He recently departed MAD Lions where he’d been coaching since late 2019. During his time with the team they managed to win FLASHPOINT 1 but were hit with roster changes shortly after. This continued for nearly the remainder of his time with the team.

peacemaker shared the following in a TwitLonger about his time with MAD Lions:

“The foundation and strong fundamentals were already there and they just needed a bit more experience, a couple of new strategies/different approaches on how to prepare for our practices and official matches,” he explained.

“Quickly after we started working together, the results started to come and we managed to qualify for a few big events, the first half of 2020 in particular treated us very well, we went all the way close to top 10 on HLTV after good placements in a few events and the 1st place at Flashpoint Season 1.”

“I’d say our journey was pretty successful and we adapted to the situations at a relatively fast pace,” he added.

In terms of the future, he hopes to continue in the scene as the head coach for a team in Brazil, North america, or Europe. The 32-year-old is open to the idea of jumping into an already established team or building one from the ground up. He has also stated his willingness to work for a team as the assistant coach to an already top team.

Photo: StarLadder

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