PSG.LGD go a step too far ahead of the meta and drop to the lower bracket

 Latency issues, a weird carry Clockwerk and a double Necronomicon decision put PSG.LGD Gaming at a disadvantage right from the get go against Vici Gaming in the upper bracket finals at OGA Dota PIT Online.

The best-of-three series counting for a spot into the grand finals of the tournament started with a strange draft from PSG.LGD, who last picked Clockwerk although they were missing a carry hero. Vici Gaming did not flinch and went for a classic Terrorblade with two reliable saving spells from his Shadow Demon and Vengeful Spirit supports.

Clockwerk was picked by Yang “Chalice”‘ Sheny and the game went straight into a pretty lengthy pause as the same Chalice experienced high ping. When the battle was finally starting, PSG.LGD had, as expected, troubles in finding a decent way to place their heroes in the lanes and they went on switching everyone around, constantly losing map vision. With not much room for improvising, their Enigma rushed a first item Necronomicon, hoping that they could just push as five or at least have a successful defense. At the same time, Clock started a Necronomicon build for himself too, but Chalice’s latency was so high that he had to give share control of his units to actually be able to do something in the game. Unfortunately, the lag issue didn’t get better through the entire game and after a few more pauses and a couple of lost team fights, PSG.LGD made the GG call.

Game two started a whole lot better for them, although Vici Gaming were allowed to pick Dragon Knight, a hero they highly favor in the current meta. PSG.LGD had good counters to it with Witch Doctor’s Maledict and overall strong control spells to delay his progression. They kept the lead in the game for the first 30 minutes, but once the DK had BKB, Assault Cuirass and his level three ultimate, it became almost impossible to take him down and VG mounted a full comeback to end the series 2-0.

PSG.LGD still have a chance to take revenge tomorrow, May 10 starting in the lower bracket finals against EHOME. The series is scheduled to commence at 11:00 CET/17:00 PST followed by the best-of-five grand finals where Vici Gaming are waiting for their adversaries. 


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