Quincy Crew claim bragging rights in the NA DPC by defeating Evil Geniuses 2-1

In what was possibily the matchup that will decide who gets the top spot in the upper division of the NA DPC League, Quincy Crew caused a minor upset as they took down region favorites Evil Geniuses in a hard found 2-1 victory. Quincy Crew went down 0-1 in what was a close first game, but came back strong to win the next two games cleanly to assert their dominance in North American region. With that win, Quincy Crew go 5-0 with two more games to play. Evil Geniuses, who have played six series, are second with a score of 5-1 and will have to depend on other teams to defeat Quincy Crew if they are to take the top spot.

Game 1 was the closest of the three games with EG’s Alchemist battling it out against QC’s Medusa for late game supremacy. What decided the game was a well orchestrated Roshan fight by EG, which they won 4v5 to take the edge and take game 1. In game 2, QC got the Alchemist and returned the favor, but in a much more comfortable fashion. Game 3, which many would have expected to be a neck-to-neck competetion, was a beatdown with Quincy Crew winning 26-4 in terms of kills. EG got the Medusa but QC played a fast paced game and never let the Medusa come online. The details of all the games can be found here.

Quincy Crew dominated all the regional online tournaments of NA throughout last year, when EG were playing with a makeshift roster. This was the first time the two teams went head-to-head with their full rosters, and Quincy Crew showed that EG’s days of dominating the region are over! With that win, Quincy Crew are in prime position to finish at the top of the NA DPC League table. Even though two teams qualify, the first team gets a direct ticket to the DPC Major playoffs while the second team has to play in the group stages.

In the other upper division game of the day, Black and Yellow, who were destined for relegation, pulled off a major upset, defeating ppd’s SADBOYS 2-0 to give themselves a chance of staying in the upper division for season 2. With their third loss of the season, it is all but sure that SADBOYS won’t be making the first DPC Major of the season.

okay it's offical! we are trashed and I am washed! GGS

There are only 10 days to go for the season to end and with Quincy Crew having to face SADBOYS and Undying, nothing is guaranteed. There will also possibly be a tiebreaker between A-Team and Black and Yellow to decide who stays in the upper division and who gets releageted. The last week will be filled with some exciting Dota 2 games.

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