Report: Twitch Sets New Streaming Milestone in December

Streaming analytics company StreamElements and have released their year-end report, which concludes that Twitch saw an 83% increase in hours watched from 2019 – 17B,  up from 9B. The Amazon-owned company also set a new milestone in December with more than 1.7B hours watched in a single month.

As expected given its consistent weekly position at the top, Just Chatting was Twitch’s most-watched category, reaching nearly 2B hours watched. It and League of Legends were the only two categories on the platform to surpass 1B hours watched.

Valorant was also a standout for 2020 as the category with the highest peak watch time, reaching 334M hours watched for the month of April. Those figures were largely driven by a viewer incentive campaign which encouraged both streamers and viewers to keep Valorant content active on their computers and phones as much as possible.

Facebook Gaming also experienced a record December, reaching 388M hours watched. The platform grew 166% year-over-year by the same metric.

Additionally, the report highlights startup streaming platform DLive, which like Facebook and Twitch saw a significant spike in viewership in Q2 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, DLive did not surpass its early shutdown peak in December, and accumulated just 59M hours watched for the year.

While each platform had a strong year, YouTube’s combined streaming and video on demand content keeps it as the primary source for gaming viewership online. Across more than 40M active channels, viewers consumed 100B watch hours of gaming content on the platform.

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