Riot Games Signs Chilean Startup Barracks for CBLOL Statistics

Riot Games Brazil has closed a deal with the Chilean startup Barracks to provide in-game statistics for the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL). The company, who for the last two years has worked for Riot Games at the Latin-American League (LLA), also helped with the Brazilian market at the First Strike Valorant tournament, which was instrumental for closing the deal with CBLOL.

Riot Games Brazil Broadcast Manager Fernando Svevo spoke to The Esports Observer about the deal with Barracks, indicating that it is moving to expand its partnerships globally: “It is a company that was already working with the Latin American League (LLA). As a global company, Riot Games exchanges experiences internally on solutions that can be adopted in more than one region. We had the first experience during First Strike, which was positive, and for that reason we closed a partnership with CBLOL.”

Barracks will provide statistics both for the main CBLOL league and  the Academy tournament. The company works with a web implementation applied to esports, generating graphic information in a short period of time. The deal is initially valid for the first quarter, covering the first split of the competition. Svevo said that the numbers raised by Barracks will “enrich the content produced during and after the tournament matches.”

The new partner joins a completely revamped CBLOL, with new branding, teams, and a revamped business model, as it has switched to franchising in 2021. As another movement towards a global unity of its partners, CBLOL has also secured Nestlé KitKat as a new sponsor, which also is one of the sponsors of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

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