Riot Promises Improvements For Ranked League

Whether you’re in Iron or in Challenger tier, you probably have ideas for improving Riot’s ranked climb in League of Legends. Now you have the opportunity to actually be heard. Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee, the game’s lead producer of gameplay, has asked Twitter users what their ideas are for a better experience, and added that he is “taking notes and finding themes.”

“If you could improve something about the Ranked experience in League to make the climb better, what would it be? There’s many options, curious what you all think,” he asked on Twitter, adding that “fixing the client” is not helpful feedback as that is already being worked on (to the delight of every player ever). His post was quickly flooded with replies, and surprisingly, the vast majority of them were serious, with actual ideas of what could be fixed.

A popular suggestion was fixing the autofill feature, which is supposed to shorten queue times because it has players play roles they did not necessarily choose at first so they get filled. However, the feature seems to glitch often, as one user who replied said that he and his teammate just got their preferred positions switched. Sure, they can switch them back among each other, but the example could be indicative of a deeper problem with the system. Brightmoon also liked that tweet – at least according to the user’s followup – so “there is hope.”

If the Twitter replies are any indication, autofill is one of the worst offenders that need fixing ASAP, but other ideas are also being brainstormed. One of them is the elimination of promotional games for climbing tiers, but keeping them for the different divisions. Another idea is an MVP system, where the MVP of the losing team would not lose any LP from the loss. Also, a big issue is the Victorious skin, awarded to players who end the season in Gold IV or a higher division, which people would prefer was given to everyone who had reached Gold IV or above, regardless of whether they were demoted in the meantime.

League of Legends has its fair share of issues with the gameplay, which means that ranked games can be much more stressful than fun. However, the very existence of the tweet Brightmoon sent out is a glimmer of hope for the future – that Riot is listening and considering people’s opinions. Even if it takes a while until the changes see the light of day.

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