Stephen A Smith takes dig at Dallas Cowboys on The Game Awards

There are sports fans and esports fans, and then there are fans of both. Tonight, Stephen A. Smith took a break from his usual ranting about traditional sports to introduce esports athletes at The Game Awards. He didn’t forget to drop the Dallas Cowboys a mention though.

Here’s what the popular sports personality had to say.

Stephen A. Smith takes shots at the Dallas Cowboys

In the world of sports, Stephen A. Smith isn’t shy about voicing his criticism for the Dallas Cowboys. Whether he’s critiquing their coaching, their ownership, or their play, he lets his viewers know how he feels.

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Tonight, at The Game Awards, Smith made an appearance to introduce the nominees for best esports athletes of the year. He had a funny little crossover to real sports too.

I know what you all are thinking. Did they just bring Stephen A. Smith to the Game Awards to legitimize esports as something equal to athletic sports? Nah, that’s not the point, they’re doing their thing. When every major sports league in the nation shut down, esports kept on going. With that being said, I’ll say this much. All of the esports athletes nominated are without question more determined, more tenacious, and definitely win more than anyone on the Dallas Cowboys. Now for the nominees.

It seems like Smith can’t resist the opportunity to take shots at the popular NFL franchise, which is struggling this year with a 3-9 record.

It’s cool to see the world of sports and esports starting to blend over a little more. Aside from his dig at the Cowboys, what he said was true. Esports was able to carry on during the pandemic by playing online. While traditional sports eventually found their way, esports gained a lot of popularity over the year.

Hopefully, we will continue to see more personalities like Stephen A. Smith recognizing esports in the future.

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