Taimou joins Team Envy's Overwatch Contenders squad

One of the original members of Team Envy’s dominant Overwatch team, and a member of the inaugural Dallas Fuel roster, is returning to action— Timo “Taimou” Kettunen is back in blue.

Taimou gained fame very early in Overwatch’s life span, dominating the game’s beta and first year of competition with his hitscan prowess. That Envy team won early Overwatch esports events like APEX Season One in Korea and MLG’s Vegas event in 2016.

Envy on Twitter

🚨Roster Update🚨 Today, we welcome home @DF_Taimou. We’re excited to have an OG Envy member BACK on the contenders! Please give him a warm welcome! https://t.co/ydxGyyn2gQ

He and much of the Envy roster that became stars in Overwatch’s grassroots competitive stage stayed with the organization and joined the Dallas Fuel for the Overwatch League’s inaugural season.

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