The 4 best weapon skins in Valorant at the end of 2020

While 2020 had its challenges, Valorant was a bright spot for many of us. Since the game’s official release in June, we’ve received a plethora of Valorant weapon skins. While plenty of these skins aren’t very memorable, there are quite a few gems as well.

Here’s our favorite skins for the four most popular weapons: the melee, the Operator, the Phantom, and the Vandal.

4. Winterwunderland Melee

While there are plenty of cool and unique melee weapons, but the Winterwunderland collection gives us a customizable candy cane. While this is a celebratory skin, it’s also very unique, given that a candy cane is hardly a “weapon.” Riot gets a 10/10 for this meme-inspiring weapon skin.

3. Singularity Phantom

This is a tough choice because the Ion Phantom is pretty awesome as well, but the Singularity comes with more color schemes. There’s also the cool visual and sound effects and the awesome finishing animation of the opponent getting sucked into a black hole.

2. Elderflame Operator

The Elderflame skins were the most expensive weapon skins in the game, and for good reason. If you want the most expensive and luxurious Operator, look no further. This weapon skin is customizable with dragon-like animations and a powerful finisher.

1. Prime Vandal

The Vandal has a lot of awesome skins, but the Prime is one of the firsts and still the best. We’ve had plenty of opportunities to see the Prime Vandal in action, and we still want to pick it up off the ground every time we find one. The skin comes with four cool color options. The customizations are great, the animations and sounds are great, and of course, there’s the iconic finishing animation.

There are plenty of other awesome collections we considered here as well. We look forward eagerly to see what weapon skins Riot has in store for Valorant in 2021!

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