Today is the last day to purchase Hearthstone's Winter Veil Bundle and the Sylvanas Hero Portrait

Hearthstone players don’t have much time left to grab two exclusive Hero Portraits.

Today, Jan. 6 is the last day for players to purchase the Sylvanas Hunter Hero Portrait. It’s also the last chance they’ll have to snag the Winter Veil Bundle, which includes the Dame Hazelbark Druid Portrait. Both the Sylvanas Hero Portrait and the Winter Veil Bundle were released in December. This means players have had nearly a month to ponder the purchase. But now, it’s decision time.

The Winter Veil bundle costs $24.99 and includes the Dame Hazelbark Druid Portrait, the Dame Hazelbark card back, plus 30 packs of cards. The bundle includes six packs each from The Witchwood, The Boomsday Project, Rastakhan’s Rumble, Rise of Shadows, and Saviors of Uldum expansions.

If destroying the Horde and wrecking people with Face Hunter is more your speed, then you’re likely more interested in learning about the Banshee Queen. The Sylvanas Portrait functions as a Hunter Hero. Both the Sylvanas and Hazelbark portraits include unique voice lines. And like the Hazelbark Hero, Sylvanas comes with her own unique card back.

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