VALORANT new agent revealed: Sage and her abilities

On Thursday, Riot Games revealed yet another VALORANT agent — Sage. Hailing from China, Sage’s abilities make her a supporting agent in VALORANT, her kit built around crowd control, heals and resurrections.

For those coming from Overwatch, Sage is essentially Zenyatta with a pinch of Mei and Mercy. Her first three abilities are various orbs, which have different effects on FIRE and ALT FIRE clicks. Her ultimate, Resurrection, brings back a dead ally to full health.

Sage abilities in VALORANT

  • Barrier Orb — Equip a barrier orb. FIRE places a solid wall. ALT FIRE rotates the targeter.
  • Slow Orb — Equip a slowing orb. FIRE to throw a slowing orb forward that detonates upon landing, creating a lingering field that slows and grounds players caught inside of it.
  • Healing Orb — Equip a healing orb. FIRE with your crosshasirs over a damaged ally to activate a heal-over-time on them. ALT FIRE while Sage is damaged to activate a self heal-over-time.
  • Resurrection — Equip a resurrection ability. FIRE with your crosshairs placed over a dead ally to begin resurrecting them. After a brief channel, the ally will be brought back to life with full health.

Sage’s Resurrection ultimate is likely to be game-deciding in early VALORANT games. Most of the agents we’ve seen so far have had abilities that are more tactical, such as wall smokes that block vision (Phoenix’s Blaze) or reveal enemies (Sova’s Recon Bolt), but point-and-click Resurrection (different from Phoenix’s timed ultimate) has the potential to be way more powerful.

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