What went wrong with TNC on day 2 at One Esports

Ever since patch 7.23, TNC Predator have been losing more than usual. From drafts to team fights everything has been uncoordinated. On day 2 TNC lost all the matches against Secret and Virtus Pro. Read the article to check in detail what went wrong for TNC.

Game 1:

Secret picked most of their usual heroes that they have been playing since patch 7.23 whereas TNC haven’t found their strong picks in this meta hence they decided to counter pick as best as they could. Ancient Apparition pick by Secret countered Morphling and Secret crushed TNC in the laning stage in which TNC’s Morphling was completely shut down and so this was not a game for Kim ‘Gabbi’ Villafuerte to make an impact. Secret kept on building momentum and never made a game changing mistake.

Game 2:

TNC picked support Beastmaster just to cut all the trees in offlane for the first 4 minutes against Treant Protector. This unique strategy helped them defensively but offensively they couldn’t put pressure on enemy Morphling. On the other hand TNC picked Shadow Fiend as safe lane carry who was alright until the laning stage but couldn’t do much in the team fights. The problem with TNC’s draft was that there wasn’t a truly durable hero. Secret ended the game without much struggle.

Game 3:

TNC drafted Faceless Void and Magnus together which is ignored by most of the teams out there. They both are greedy cores and need space to farm. This patch doesn’t allow room for two greedy cores. That’s why most of the teams pick heroes like Tiny, Phantom Assassin and Ursa when they want to pick Magnus. Virtus Pro didn’t play efficiently in this game and they would have been destroyed if TNC had made a few correct team fight moves. In the fight near TNC’s shrine, Chen teleported Magnus a little late because Magnus wanted to split push. If Magnus had arrived in the fight 5 seconds earlier then it would have easily given him a 5-men RP. After a couple of team fights, Virtus Pro ended the game.

Game 4:

TNC took a huge risk as they didn’t pick a single hero with reliable lock-down. It is just extremely difficult to stop enemy movements without disables. Enemy Batrider was able to Lasso anyone for a full duration without BKB. Razor was able to steal attack damage with static link for a long time as no one was able to break the link. Troll was able to chain stun a single target until the target died. Terrorblade and Templar Assassin had good attack damage but in all fights they had to keep on running around either to chase a target or escape from an enemy. Virtus Pro ended this game swiftly and efficiently.


TNC’s Road Ahead:

Although TNC had a bad performance in group stages, they have not been eliminated from the tournament. TNC will face Vici Gaming on 20th December at the lower bracket in a best of three series.

A tip for young players:

The best way to adjust in any new meta is to pick heroes with more disables and whose ultimate don’t have a high cool-down time. This allows the team to make more plays and be more aggressive. One you start snowballing, it will be difficult for your opponent to make a comeback.

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