Auto Chess creators bringing stand-alone game to PC later this year

The developer of the popular Auto Chess mod for Dota 2, Drodo Studio, is taking its stand-alone version of the game to PC later this year. And it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Drodo recently released the alpha version of Auto Chess on Android devices. The stand-alone PC version that Drodo showed off at the PC Gaming Show ahead of E3 2019 is reminiscent of its Android client, which no longer features Valve’s Dota 2 heroes and items — Drodo has created similar characters, classes, items, abilities, and tribes with its own art style.

Dota Auto Chess essentially created a new genre of game called the Autobattler, where players draft characters and play simulated chess battles against their enemies. With Valve creating its own stand-alone Auto Chess-style game and Riot Games creating a similar game mode for League of Legends, Auto Chess has made quite a splash on the PC market.

Auto Chess on PC will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store when it comes out later this year.

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