Fortnite Season 10 Leak Suggests Epic Is About To Hit A Big Undo Button

Fortnite: Battle Royale is about to hit Season 10, with a start date set for this Thursday, August 1. Developer Epic Games has been releasing Season 10 teasers this week, which have suggested that some sort of time-related hijinks were about to unfold as part of the big seasonal changeover event. And sure enough, a leaked trailer for Season 10 seems to hammer home what’s about to happen.

Today’s teaser, which is likely to be the final one, consists of a brief video clip where the Zero Point orb hovering over Loot Lake explodes. It turns out those are the opening moments of the Season 10 trailer, the full version of which has leaked, apparently via the Fortnite Brazil Twitter account. That video has since been removed but reshared online–watch it below–and it shows the explosion send the character who was fleeing from it into a sort of wormhole.

As he floats through it, he sees the major elements and additions during the past year in Fortnite–the missile explosion, vaulted weapons, the introduction of Peely and other skins, seasonal events, and more. At the end, he falls back to the island map, only for the camera to pan out and reveal this is the moment just before the meteor’s impact that demolished Dusty Depot. As one of this week’s teasers pointed to, the location is still intact, at least for the time being.

Exactly how this pans out in-game is something we probably won’t know until the Season 10 update arrives tomorrow. But it seems as if we can expect Epic to essentially hit the undo button on many of the map changes that have taken place. That said, don’t expect everything to be the same–Epic’s reference to a “twist” and a peek at a modified version of the Drift skin suggest that things may not be exactly how you remember them.

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