Fortnite Visitor Recording Locations In Starry Suburbs And Gotham City (Season 10 Out Of Time Challenge)

Season 11 of Fortnite is just around the corner. Before the new season begins, Epic has one final pair of Season 10 Overtime challenges for you to complete. One of these tasks involves tracking down two more recordings left behind by the Visitor, the mysterious time traveler who is building another rocket in Dusty Depot that will presumably tie into this weekend’s big in-game event.

Specifically, you’ll need to collect the Visitor recording in Starry Suburbs and Gotham City–two new Rift Zones introduced toward the end of Season 10. The areas themselves are easy enough to find, but you may have some trouble tracking down the recordings if you don’t already know where to look, so we’ve put together this map and guide to show you where you need to go.

Where Are The Visitor Recording Locations?

As the challenge states, one of the recordings is hidden somewhere in Starry Suburbs–a small town near Junk Junction–while the other is in the Batman-themed Rift Zone, Gotham City. The recordings are shaped like cassette tapes, so they’ll be hard to spot from a distance. The former is located inside the brick building in the middle of town; you’ll find the tape atop the bed in the top floor. The latter, meanwhile, is in the middle of the street in front of the movie theater.

How To Complete The Challenge

As usual, once you know where to go, completing this challenge is simply a matter of locating the recordings and collecting them as you would any other piece of loot in the game. Pocket both recordings and you’ll complete the challenge, netting you a whopping 10,000 XP.

There are four other Visitor recordings hidden around the map. The first two can be found on the floating island and in Retail Row, while the second two are in Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove. After you collect the recordings, you’re able to listen to them. The actual audio is quite cryptic and may not make a whole lot of sense if you’re not super tuned into Fortnite lore, but they give a bit of insight into the Visitor’s motives and help set the stage for this weekend’s world-changing event, which is scheduled to unfold at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET on October 13.

Fortnite Season 10 ends this Sunday, October 13, so you have until then to complete any remaining challenges from this season. You can find maps and guides for all the trickier missions in our Fortnite Season 10 challenges roundup. Epic hasn’t yet confirmed when Season 11 will officially kick off, but with the end of Season 10 in sight, it likely won’t be long. You can catch up on everything we know about Fortnite Season 11 so far here.

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