Fortnite: Week 7 Secret Battle Star Location Guide (Season 8 Discovery Challenge)

Fortnite’s Week 7’s challenges are now live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, giving players across all platforms another chance to level up their Battle Pass and unlock more of this season’s skins and rewards. That’s not all; if you finish all of the tasks from a given week, you’ll also complete one of Season 8’s Discovery challenges, earning you a special loading screen that features cool artwork–as well as a clue leading you to a free Battle Star or Banner hiding somewhere around Fortnite’s map.

If you’ve completed seven weeks’ worth of challenges this season, you’ll be able to grab another free Battle Star and level your Battle Pass up by one tier. This particular Battle Star can be found on the giant wooden rabbit, which is located in quadrant A4, between Snobby Shores and Haunted Hill. Make your way to the structure and the Battle Star will appear on the rabbit’s back; you can see exactly where in the video above. If you need more help finding it, we’ve put together a Week 7 secret Battle Star guide pointing you in the right direction.

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