Fortnite: Where To Dance At Beach Parties — 14 Days Of Summer Challenge Guide

Alongside a new content update for patch 9.30, Fortnite’s new event–14 Days of Summer–is now live. Despite the name, it runs for a total of three weeks and, among other things, consists of new challenges being introduced each day for the first two weeks, for a total of 14. The first of these can now be completed, and it asks players to dance at different beach parties. Here’s where to go and what to do to complete the challenge.

How To Complete Dance At Beach Parties Challenge

These beach parties are a new element you’ll find scattered around the map. You’ll need to dance at six total, and as the challenge states, they have to be different ones–you can’t keep returning to the same spot across different matches. Luckily, you can do this across multiple matches, so you’re free to knock out one per match if you so wish. Just be prepared to run into some potentially aggressive company from other people trying to complete this challenge.

The beach parties are fairly obvious once you happen upon them. Head to one of the areas, and you’ll find lounge chairs, umbrellas, porta-potties, and balloons adorning the area. Once you’re nearby, activate any of your emotes to register progress. You’ll know you’ve done it when you get the pop-up notification tracking your progression on the challenge.

Where To Find Beach Party Locations

We’ve confirmed six different places where you can find a beach party–just enough to complete the challenge. Make sure to keep track of which ones you successfully visit to ensure you get to dance at them all. You’ll find descriptions below and a map and video guide above.

  • northern part of H8, surrounding a small body of water
  • northeastern part of D4, at the northwest edge of Loot Lake
  • northwestern part of F2, near where Lazy Lagoon drops off the map
  • northwestern part of H9, near the water that feeds the nearby river
  • northwestern part of E6, along the river southeast of Neo Tilted
  • northwestern part of G6, in the southeastern part of Dusty Divot

Completing this challenge rewards you with a new dance emote titled Deep End, which has you doing Fortnite’s take on the famous “C’mon and Swim” dance. It also gets you one step closer to earning the smoothie back bling, which you get for finishing all 14 challenges from 14 Days of Summer.

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