Fortnite: Where To Find 3 Unicorn Floaties In Swimming Holes | 14 Days Of Summer Challenge

Check out this guide to find the fastest way to search 3 different Unicorn Floaties in Swimming Holes to get one step closer towards completing Fortnite's 14 Days Of Summer Challenges. No Battle Pass required!

By David Ahmadi | @Roshby57 on

Another of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s 14 Days of Summer challenges is now available to complete for a limited time. Like some of the others, you’ll likely find a map for this one, which asks you to search Unicorn Floaties at swimming holes. Yet again, it’s a simple task in terms of the actions required, but you need to know where to go and where the Unicorn Floaties are located. In the video guide above, we walk you through three such examples–there are more than three scattered around the map, but all you’ll need are three total. These can be done in different matches or in one go. Complete this to earn the Neon Tropics wrap reward.

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