Fortnite's Season 11 The End Event Destroyed Caused A Game Blackout

Fortnite Season 10 concluded with a big in-game event that looks to be ushering in significant changes for the wildly popular battle royale title. Developer Epic Games has been teasing that “The End” was coming over the last few weeks, and we finally know exactly what that means.

As expected, once the in-game countdown clocks struck zero, the new rocket the mysterious Visitor had built at Dusty Depot launched, creating a new rift in the sky. This set off a chain reaction. The other rifts around the island began pulsating, and multiple rockets emerged from them and zipped around the sky until they all converged and smashed into the “zero point” beneath the giant meteor, sucking the meteor into the rift.

After a moment of stillness, another rift opened up in the sky, and one final rocket emerged and honed in on the zero point, setting off a massive shockwave that knocked players into the sky. The rocket was followed by the meteor, which also smashed into the zero point, creating a cyclone of energy that sucked players, the Battle Bus, and everything else in, leaving nothing but a black hole.

It appears that series of events really did mark the end of the game–at least for now. Players who remain in the event playlist can do nothing but watch the black hole, and those who exit the game and try to log into a new match are unable to. Epic hasn’t formally said anything about what transpired, but following the event, the official Fortnite Twitter account also updated its banner to a picture of the black hole. If you missed the event, you can watch a replay of it above.

It remains to be seen what this all means for the future of Fortnite, but rumors about the new season and upcoming changes to the game were plentiful online and in the various gaming communities. Before Epic had even hinted at what was to come, there were reports of new locations and gameplay changes. One leak indicated that a new Fortnite map was indeed on the way. Fans also recently spotted an apparent leaked image for “Fortnite: Chapter 2” on the Italian App Store, suggesting the game will be rebranded following the end of Season 10.

Ahead of the big Season 11 event, Epic issued the last set of Season 10 challenges, many of which paved the way for the new season. These involved finding recordings left behind by the mysterious Visitor. You can see the guides for the Visitor recordings and the other challenges from the season in our complete Fortnite Season 10 challenges roundup.

Epic still hasn’t announced when Season 11 of the game will officially begin, but we do know one thing the new season will bring: bots. As part of its recent matchmaking changes, Epic says it will introduce AI-controlled opponents to Fortnite beginning next season to help players hone their skills. You can catch up on everything else we know about Fortnite Season 11 so far in our roundup.

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