Steam Remote Play now lets you invite friends with a URL

Steam Remote Play, a wonderful tool for pandemic-era gaming, is now a lot easier to use. Valve Corp. announced today that players can invite anyone to play with them using just a URL.

For those invited to play, no Steam account is necessary — but they do need to be using either the Steam client (on Linux, MacOS, or Windows PC) or the Steam Link app (Android or iOS). Only the host needs to own the game and have it installed. Guests play along over the Internet as if they were on a friend’s couch with them.

Steam Remote Play Together launched in November 2019. It supports at least four (in some cases more) players in local cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes, shared screen or split screen. Even for some single-player-only games, Steam Remote Play can let a group of friends pass the controls amongst themselves, the same way folks would on a console in a real-life rec room.

Steam will kick off another sales and streaming event on March 25, showing Remote Play Together in action, and how link sharing works. A news release from Valve said stream hosts will be sharing links in chat on YouTube, Twitch, and Steam to let the public join in. The event begins at 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday.

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