10 Best Places To Invade In Elden Ring

There is a very specific balance to be found with Elden Ring PvP. As you level up, so do the opponents that you invade, meaning as you get stronger so do they. And to make matters worse, it is almost guaranteed that you will be up against two or more opponents as an invader.

Thus, it is important to choose the area you invade very carefully, since enemies will help you fight the host and their companions, but will usually not hurt you. This is a list of some of the best areas to invade when considering these things, although we don't recommend them for straight-up dueling.

10 The First Step Site Of Grace

The biggest difference between Elden Ring multiplayer and other games is that both players need to be near the same place in each of their worlds for invasion or support to occur. This is what makes the First Step a great PvP location, at least for frequency’s sake.

Due to the fact that it is the very first Site of Grace in the open world of Elden Ring, the majority of players have it, making it convenient for invasion. Though there are no enemies around, so the chance of being double or even triple-teamed with no backup is a real possibility here.

9 Stormveil Castle

Stormveil Castle is great for invading for two reasons. One, it comes pretty early in the game, which means more players there will be unfamiliar with the game, and two, the Castle is full of enemies to back you up as an invader as well as a complicated level design that makes escaping easy.

It is best to get the lay of the land and fully explore Stormveil Castle before invading so that you can kite players into enemy encounters while fighting, bettering your odds of besting them. Note that lower level invading works better in lower level areas like this, as the levels of Hosts and Invaders must be close for the invasion to occur.

8 Liurnia Of The Lakes

There is a trade-off to invading at a lower level. While you have fewer stats to go around and lower overall damage, you probably won't be killed in one hit as often as at higher levels in Elden Ring. Liurnia is good for both higher and lower-level invasions, which is why it is on this list.

A massive expanse of flat lake, this spot is like the First Step in that there are few enemies to help if you get cornered. But there are obstacles you can use to block spells and ranged attacks, which makes this spot better overall if a good, long fight is your invasion intention.

7 Siofra River

If you notice a pattern here, it is intentional. The areas mentioned thus far are all in the early game of Elden Ring. Whereas some later game sections are better overall, invading low-level areas with low-level characters is fun, and Siofra River is no exception.

This is another area that has big expanses of land with few obstacles, but notably, there are a number of Ancestral Archers lying in wait that will help you in your quest to vanquish the host. These guys hit hard, so all you really have to do is distract the host and wait for them to get stomped or sniped.

6 Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor is perfect for invading for a variety of reasons. Chiefly, it is atmospherically relevant as it is where the Recusants reside, one of the factions in Elden Ring that invade and kill other Tarnished.

Like many of the best areas for invading, there are a number of different enemy types around that make good comrades when the host has summons with them. Have fun getting into your role as a Recusant and recruit a snake person to defeat your foes.

5 Crumbling Farum Azula

This is about as endgame as it gets in Elden Ring. Packed with difficult enemies and high-level ones to boot, invading Farum Azula is a high-octane experience. By this point in the game, you will have tons of damage, but so will your opponents. Fights are often decided in an instant.

One of the best things you can do here is invade opponents while they are fighting the various dragons around the zone. Considering you usually cannot invade during boss fights in Souls games, the best fighting companion you could ask for is a sick dragon mini-boss.

4 Mountaintops Of The Giants

The Mountaintops of The Giants area has a lot of the benefits of earlier invading areas. These include being low on obstacles that you might get stuck on while running from hosts and a smattering of big enemies that can help you in your endeavor to rend the life of the host from their grasp.

The namesake of the area, the Giants walking around make for convincing distractions that allow you to get the drop on the hosts and summons. Also, keep in mind that you should try to have a good amount of damage by this point, something that optimizing your build should guarantee.

3 Miquella's Haligtree

The first part of this area with all of its tight branch walkways is extremely dangerous to fight around. But, it could make for some easy invasions if you can bait the host or a summon into rolling off the branches to their death. The lower parts are better for invading overall, with less danger to you.

Featuring a number of the most difficult foes in Elden Ring, Haligtree is great for actually getting a fair fight in against your opponents. As an invader, two versus one is normal, so why not even the odds and get some tough knight NPC's on your side?

2 Raya Lucaria Academy

Definitely one of the most atmospheric areas in Elden Ring, Raya Lucaria Academy is a superb invasion spot. Like many good invading areas it has tough enemies all around, tight corridors for area of effect attacks, and even a cool boulder that you can guide foes into being smooshed by.

Best of all, right next to the final boss of the zone sits an NPC enemy that is essentially another invader, giving you an almost guaranteed comrade in your battle. They are a parry machine too, so don't be surprised if they solve your host problem before you get a chance.

1 Leyndell, Royal Capital

Walking into Leyndell for the first time is a magical moment. Golden buildings everywhere and funny snowmen creatures that play wonderful horns for you. Then they shoot bubbles at you, and you remember what game you are playing as you are killed by a bubble.

The massive size of the Capital, the huge variety of enemies, and both closed-off and open zones make for a perfect area to invade for pretty much any class. Whether wizard or melee, Leyndell is the premier location for fighting fellow Elden Ring players, just make sure you keep in mind the verticality of the area.

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