10 Fire-Type Pokemon That Could Start A House Fire By Accident

There are dozens of reasons Pokemon is as beloved as it is, from the anime to the games, and one such reason is the different typings the hundreds of creatures have and share. Among the Grass, Water, and Fire-type starters it’s hard not to see Fire-types as the most popular and beloved of the bunch. However, fans often don’t factor in what would happen if these creatures did exist.

With Fire-type Pokemon the practicalities may change the desire to own one without a proper yard or area to let them roam free. This is because an accidentally misplaced flame or fire attack could see your home go up in flames in a matter of moments. With these Pokemon, you’d definitely need fire extinguishers on hand.

10 Chandelure

Chandelure, the Fire and Ghost-type Pokemon from the Unova region is terrifying as both a source of fire and as a haunting presence. Unlike other Fire-type Pokemon that produce their flame internally or from the sunlight, Chandelure’s flames exist from the draining of a soul.

Death follows this creature and according to an official Pokedex entry, homes that used Chandelure as lighting often had many more funerals than was typical for a given family or set of residents in a specific home.

9 Carkol

The next two Pokemon on the list are both tied to burning coal and having the capability of causing serious destruction, even if by accident.

Carkol looks like a minecart with a giant pile of coal resting on top of it. It is the final form of Rolycoly and made its debut in Pokemon Sword & Shield. The Fire and Rock-type coal pieces it produces have been used as an energy source in the Galar region, which means they can be removed without hurting it. However, it also means these coal pieces can fall off of their back and land on carpeting that can burst into flames.

8 Torkoal

Torkoal may appear to be a normal turtle with Fire-type Pokemon abilities, but its truth lays in its species. It is known as the Coal Pokemon and this is due to it being a walking sentient coal engine. If one of the pieces of coal this creature uses to generate energy happens to escape its shell it could easily burn down an entire apartment complex.

Fans often forget about Torkoal when adventuring through the Hoenn region, but this physically defensive tank has its purpose. A purpose that has nothing to do with bringing it into a home under any circumstance.

7 Emboar

Emboar is a rather large and rotund Fire-type starting Pokemon that can grow a fiery beard that connects to the line of fire running up its shoulders. It was one of the starters featured in Pokemon Black & White, the 5th generation of games many fans see as one of the better generations.

Considering it looks royal, Emboar is known as the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon, which is a mouthful to say, but also a warning that it is capable of causing quite a lot of damage with its connections to both Fire and Fighting-type moves.

6 Moltres

Considering Moltres is a legendary Pokemon the chances of a trainer seeing it, let alone bringing it inside a home, are extremely unlikely. If that were to ever happen though it’s good to understand just how dumb and shortsighted that decision would be.

Not only is Moltres known as the Flame Pokemon, but this bird stands at 6 feet and has an incredible wingspan featuring flames running down each wing. It even has the hidden ability Flame Body which can burn anything that it comes in contact with.

5 Chimchar

Coming in as the second of four Fire-type starting Pokemon on this list, Chimchar is an adorable menace that needs to be properly corralled. The Chimp Pokemon can be found most commonly in the Sinnoh region and stands just about 1 foot in height and weighs around 14 pounds on average.

It hosts a plume of flames on its behind that are created via the gas produced in the chimp’s stomach. Trainers should steer clear of feeding their Chimchar foods that would make the tiny creature gassy.

4 Ponyta

Now, it’s unclear why a horse would be inside a normal home, but for the sake of this article it fits the bill. Not only does Ponyta have a mane and tail comprised of brilliant flame, but it also has small groups of flames attached to each of its four legs.

This gives it multiple points of possible contact, which isn’t great for the Fire Horse Pokemon. Those catching Pokemon in the Kanto region, or interesting in horse Pokemon should understand the risk they’re taking by bringing a Ponyta inside.

3 Charmander

Charmander is arguably the most beloved starter Pokemon of all time and certainly the most well-known Fire-type starter. Most fans are familiar with the iconic episode of the anime in which Ash saves a Charmander whose tail flame is going out. The vigor and brightness of that flame indicate the health and life force of Charmander, as it serves as a primary indicator.

Trainers in Kanto should cross their fingers hoping the Charmander they obtain understands the power of its flaming tail and avoids brushing it up against anything while indoors.

2 Slugma

Slugma is the living embodiment of magma and has to constantly be moving or else its body will harden and it will die. This likely means that the Lava Pokemon hailing from the Johto region is a no-go for trainers who don’t have a yard outside or a home of concrete floors.

Fire-type Pokemon create heat, and with Slugma it goes even further with the fact it needs to keep its body warm at all times. In addition to avoiding a house fire, prospective owners would need to crank their heaters at all times to give Slugma the right living conditions.

1 Cyndaquil

Among all of the Fire-type Pokemon, it seems that Cyndaquil may be the most likely to accidentally set a house on fire.

The Johto region native that’s commonly referred to as the Fire Mouse Pokemon hosts a brilliant cascade of flames on its back. It can retract its flames which is good, but owners better hope it doesn’t get angry. Those flames it displays are known to burn hottest when Cyndaquil is angry. The last thing homeowners need is a fire that burns brighter than normal demolishing their living space.

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