10 Funniest Codex Entries In God Of War Ragnarok

2018's God of War and 2022's God of War Ragnarok turn what used to be an ultra-violent, god-killing splatterfest into an introspective journey where an emotionally lost father learns to connect with his son. It's not all introspection and brutal combat, however. God of War Ragnarok is actually quite funny due to Mimir's musings and Kratos's deadpan attitude.

His feeling out of place within the nine realms as a Spartan also adds to the game's humor. All of this is evident in the game's Codex, which shows both Kratos and Mimir writing about the enemies and characters they encounter. The funniest entries will make you smile between the tears shed in the game's more heartwarming or tragic moments.

10/10 Mimir Is A Friend, But It's More Important That He Isn't Cumbersome

Mimir serves as God of War's comedic relief. He grows to be a good friend to Kratos and Atreus, as shown by Kratos's description of him in the Codex entry. Kratos being Kratos, he can't help but bring up that Mimir is easy to take around and does not use up resources.

To Kratos, this is meant as only another compliment. To everybody else, it just serves to undermine the actual compliment when he calls him a true friend.

9/10 An Appropriate Comparison

Leave it up to Mimir to compare the overuse of magic to a night of drunken madness. To be fair, drinking too much and being consumed by too much mana can cause some similar side effects. There is a good reason why some people cannot be trusted to consume alcohol, just as there are people who should stay as far away from magic as possible.

Magic gives you powers in combat and manipulating nature, while alcohol might help some be more social. While both are helpful, not everybody can handle everything else that comes with consuming either.

8/10 You Smell Them Before You See Them

You have to consider that people in God of War probably don't bathe with the same frequency as people today, so when they say something smells bad, you know they mean it. Mimir always looks at the bright side, though.

Even though they carry the terrible stench Mimir so elegantly describes, they are always easy to spot because of their size and all the noise they make. Trolls were a common foe in the 2018 game, but they don't show up as much in the 2022 game.

7/10 No Secrets Here

Mimir doesn't always have a quip for everything, and not every Rune is a bit of wisdom meant to guide you in your journey through life. This rune just tells you it is a vault, and Mimir reinforces this, though don't expect it to be a vault from the Fallout series.

Even the most ancient and obtuse civilizations still had to organize and mark their surroundings so everybody understood what certain things were. Some things are exactly what they are, but this is rarely the case in the recent God of War games.

6/10 Kratos Is No Fun

Nobody likes having things taken from them or being distracted during work. If something is small and cute, we can be more forgiving, like when a cat constantly knocks things off our tables. Judging from this description, Kratos would take no such mischief regardless of how cute it was.

The blacksmith was probably too happy having made a new being to be mad at the Ormr for stealing metals. Makes you wonder how Kratos reacted the first time Atreus tried to play a prank on his father.

5/10 Short And Simple Gets The Job Done

Some things are so disgusting and uncomfortable that it bothers us even to spend time describing them. This is how Mimir feels about the Nightmare enemy. He cannot stand to even think about them or write a colorful explanation about their existence.

You will probably sympathize with him once you encounter these enemies on a regular basis. The most bothersome enemies in God of War Ragnarok are the smaller ones that assault you in greater numbers.

4/10 Aesthetics Are Important

God of War Ragnarok follows up on the war between the Light and Dark Elves in Alfheim. The whole conflict reinforces themes about the grey area in many wars and how sometimes there is no objectively right and just position.

Mimir, however, is more concerned with how the place looks now that the Light Elves have taken over. While admitting there is something nice about the Dark Elves' designs, he prefers what the Light Elves have done with the place.

3/10 "Gassy Teenagers" Might Be A Redundant Term

Mimir describes these enemies as "Gassy Teenagers." If you have ever been around teenagers, you would know them to be plenty gassy, making it kind of a redundant term. Fortunately, most teenagers don't attack you like Grims do to Kratos.

They don't give you a lot of grief in combat. We wonder if, when not fighting, they spend their days working through new emotions, the heartbreak of a first breakup, and the confusion of puberty.

2/10 Kratos Killed An Entire Realm's Boogeyman

Your parents likely told stories about monsters who would hunt children in order to make you behave. This typically didn't work and just kept you awake at night.

If only someone like Kratos existed in the real world to slay these monsters and show that you had nothing to fear. What will the parents come up with to scare their children now that the Blatonn is dead? Maybe they will just say Kratos hunts misbehaving children. Sounds like a great idea for a spin-off.

1/10 The Test Was So Intense It Killed Even Those Who Passed

We often read about the grueling trials ancient civilizations put their warriors through. The Raiders had the same thing and, according to Mimir, these trials would kill most people who tried them.

Even if they won, what good is the Raider Chief if they also died from exhaustion? If they did not die, the wounds sustained in combat would probably put them out of commission for a few weeks.

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