10 Games The World Doesn’t Need In 2020 (But We’re Getting Anyway)

It looks like there are a lot of cool games coming out in 2020. However, there are also a number of games that look like they’re just completely unnecessary. Some of these games look like they are pure cash grabs. Others are poorly made. And some are just parts of a game franchise. And then there’s the case of a few games that are just so poorly thought out that it’s impossible to imagine why people thought it was a good idea in the first place.

While it’s always possible that these games can turn out to be really good, it just seems like they are completely excessive games that nobody needs.

11 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Of course, this title is requisite. Just like they had to do the ninth Star Wars film, they were going to have to do a new Lego Star Wars. But, really, do we need it? Almost all the previous films have gotten the Lego treatment before, sometimes more than once.

The types of puzzles used in Lego games have gotten fairly standard by this point, and with the most recent film receiving at best lackluster reviews, it seems like there’s little this game will give us. On the other hand, The Rise of Skywalker still made a ton of money at the box office, so it’s possible this will, too.

10 Avengers

Speaking of Disney making money, the upcoming Avengers game seems like another completely unnecessary game. Sure, it’s the Avengers, and we love the Avengers. In fact, if it didn’t feel like the story had reached its conclusion, we’d probably be clamoring for a new Avengers movie.

But, unfortunately, this isn’t The Avengers. It’s a cheap knock-off, trying to capitalize on the popularity of the MCU characters, but without using any of their likenesses. Except, for some reason, Thor is still fat. No, wait, Captain America is fat, too? And look at the badonkadonk on Black Widow. What’s going on here?

9 Final Fantasy VII Remastered

Let’s talk about cash grabs by somebody other than Disney, shall we? Final Fantasy VII is a great game. But does it really need a remastered release? As a high-quality game, it seems there is little to be gained by remastering it, even with minor tweaks to gameplay.

And while it might be worthwhile to expose a new generation to the joy of Final Fantasy, wouldn’t that be better done with a new, high-quality entry into the series than by retreading this old ground? Possibly, but one thing Final Fantasy VII is best for is bringing in reliable bank.

8 Comanche

Comanche is a game that is almost two decades out of date. With the last of the previous series released in 2001, it’s a series that’s been resting quietly in its grave for a long time. Why disturb it now?

Unfortunately, it seems like the new game isn’t actually a true continuation or revival of the old series at all. Instead, it’s a game that’s trying to use the name of the old popular game to inject popularity in an online multiplayer version, something like World of Tanks, but in the air. Plus, the game tells us, there are drones! That sounds suspiciously like it’s a knockoff game with little new to offer.

7 Doom Eternal

Doom was one of the pioneering first person shooter games. It helped to invent the genre, and since then there have been several good versions of the game. This includes Doom (2016), which brought the game back in a new, updated version.

However, the new incarnation of Doom Eternal doesn’t look like it’s bringing much that’s new. More almost ceaseless hordes of demons. More shooting and more weapons. There are many great first-person shooters that deserve a new version more than we need another Doom.

6 Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Speaking of ceaseless hordes, how about the ceaseless number of zombie shooter games coming out. As The Walking Dead TV show continues to stumble on, it continues to give birth to these unholy licensed atrocities, like this upcoming game. Following a tradition of lackluster Walking Dead games, Saints and Sinners doesn’t look like it’s offering us anything new besides its title.

Oh, and it’s going to be in VR. Great. Trying to use an established (but failing) brand to bank off an uncertain game in a new style is a tired trope, and it’s one we just don’t need.

5 Rainbow Six: Quarantine

The Rainbow Six franchise is stumbling. What can we do to improve sales? I’ve got an original idea: let’s add zombies! Get out! Zombies? Yes. Zombies.

And that’s pretty much the premise behind this new Rainbow Six: Quarantine. On the plus side, we might not see this game in 2020. That’s because developer Ubisoft has pushed it back because another Tom-Clancy-themed game failed to perform as they hoped. Also pushed back: Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. Thank heaven for small mercies.

4 Total War Saga: Troy

The genre of turn-based strategy games has had some epic entries. However, the Total War Saga is not them. The combination of turn-based empire building and real-time strategy battles is intriguing, but after a while, the reiteration of the game as new versions that are almost the same thing, but with a new setting and new characters feels like picking over the battlefield dead.

Not only that, but this is the second entry in this franchise that’s scheduled to launch in 2020. Maybe you could make an argument for one Total War Saga game this year, but it’s hard to believe we really need two.

3 Minecraft Dungeon

You know what’s another neglected genre that sure needs another uninspired entry right now? The dungeon crawler. Enter Minecraft Dungeon, a game that also looks to be trying to use its name to make a buck when the game itself has nothing new to offer.

The name says Minecraft, but it looks like this game has neither mining nor crafting. Instead, it’s just another generic dungeon crawler that’s vaguely styled like the characters from Minecraft Story Mode. While the world could actually use a fresh new take on the dungeon crawler genre, this is definitely not it.

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