10 Pokemon Items That Should Be Re-Gifted For Christmas

Nothing is better than running to the sparkling tree on Christmas Day and finding gifts with your name on them – but sometimes, those gifts end up being so bad that they were better left unopened. In the world of Pokemon, bad items that were given to you out of the goodness of someone else's heart may be detrimental to your journey.

Not only will their selling price be lower than their purchasing price, but they might also cause physical harm to you and your Pokemon. So, in the spirit of re-gifting what you don’t want, here are some items that we’ll gladly give to another person post-holiday season.

10/10 Everstone

Starting off, we have a well-known and well-hated item: the Everstone. The Everstone’s purpose is to prevent Pokemon from evolving. This is fine if you’re tired of mashing the “B” button every time you enter the evolution sequence, but what if you wanted that evolution? And what if that evolution was only possible through trading?

Fans of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl still remember the betrayal of Mindy, the trainer who cheerfully equipped their Haunter with an Everstone and then traded them, thus preventing the Pokemon from becoming a Gengar. Thanks to those awful memories, we’ll definitely be re-gifting this one.

9/10 Oren Berry

The Oran berry is probably one of the first berries you will encounter in any Pokemon game. It’s small, blue, and restores a tiny bit of your health. It’s not the best gift, but it will do in a pinch. But what is truly an awful gift is the Oren berry. This lookalike from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series injures you instead of heals you.

That’s right, one bite of this berry will make your tummy ache and your health suffer. If someone gives you this, thank them, smash the berry, then re-gift it as a fancy type of blue paint. No Oren berries here, no siree.

8/10 Reviser Seed

Nothing is worse than reaching for a Reviver Seed in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and finding out it’s a Reviser Seed. If you use this seed yes, you will be revived. But only for a few seconds. This is because the Reviser Seed’s purpose is to bring you back to life and then make you laugh so hard that you’ll faint again.

You’ll laugh and laugh and laugh and the next thing you know, you’ve been sent back to the Mystery Dungeon’s entrance. If you are going to re-gift this copycat seed, try giving it to an enemy for a more comical final boss fight.

7/10 Lagging Tail

In Pokemon battles, it’s always better to attack first. If you can out-speed your opponent, then you might be able to end the fight in one turn. This is why the Lagging Tail is an awful item to receive for your speedy Jolteon or Rapidash. This item will weigh your Pokemon down and make them go last. Imagine how much damage your partners might take without the benefit of that first strike. You’ll not only lose the advantage, but you might lose your Pokemon too!

Return this item back to the store or, if they won’t take it, re-gift it to a Pokemon who likes being slow. Like Snorlax or Slowpoke.

6/10 Toxic Orb

You would think that, in the world of Pokemon, there would only be items that help your partners get stronger. But for some reason, you can find items that not only hinder your Pokemon in battle, as well as even hurt them. The Toxic Orb is one of those items.

If your Pokemon happens to equip and hold onto this creepy purple orb, they will get badly poisoned throughout the course of a battle. And we all know how annoying and deadly poison is. If you got this for Christmas, it's best that you re-gift it as a fancy paperweight that should never be touched. That way, no other people or Pokemon can get hurt.

5/10 Doom Seed

This gift will be your doom. Literally. If you receive a Doom Seed, do not, under any circumstances, let you or your Pokemon partner consume it. The Doom Seed’s main purpose is to reduce your level by one. Meaning that your all-powerful level 50 Pikachu will become a level 49 Electric Mouse after consuming this seed. Still powerful, but not as impressive.

If you find this seed under your tree, re-gift it to someone who has a passion for arts and crafts. Maybe they can paint over the gloom and doom and make this seed into something happier.

4/10 Flame Orb

Usually, when fighting Fire-types, it’s important to not get burned. But once again, Pokemon presents you with an orbed item that is more dangerous than it is useful. If you give your Pokemon a Flame Orb, then they will become inflicted with a persistent fiery burn that won’t go away until you get rid of the item.

Unless you have a move that switches items with your opponent, the Flame Orb is useless, dangerous, and should not be added to your battle item roster. If you received this orb for Christmas, call it a portable stove and re-gift it as soon as possible.

3/10 Iron Ball

If your friendly Pokemon rival who specializes in Ground-type Pokemon gifts you an Iron Ball for Christmas, find a way to get rid of it. The Iron Ball has two negative functions. The first is that it decreases the holder’s speed, thus making it more likely that your Pokemon will attack last. The second is that it makes a Pokemon grounded, meaning that your Levitating ability-possessing partners will now feel the full force of moves like Earthquake.

So, instead of using the Iron Ball, try re-gifting it as the world’s smallest bowling ball. Maybe throw in some mini pins too.

2/10 Gaggle Specs

This lookalike item from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series might resemble the very helpful Goggle Specs, but it is not. Instead, your gift-giver has given you the Gaggle Specs, which makes you more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

By wearing these, enemies will know exactly where to hit you where it hurts. And in the dangerous world of Mystery Dungeons, you do not want to take on that type of critical damage. Re-gifting these specs might be difficult, so perhaps this is another gift that is better off as someone's post-holiday arts and crafts project.

1/10 Y-Ray Specs

X-Ray Specs are very helpful in the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, as they let you see the locations of items and enemies. They can even find lost Pokemon. Y-Ray Specs, on the other hand, are a headache. You won’t be able to see anything with these on and, if your partner wears them, they’ll be afflicted with the Blinker status condition.

Instead of using these annoying glasses, maybe gift them to someone who is running their own Escape Room and is looking to add a “Hard Mode” for more experienced players. They’ll probably appreciate a pair of spectacles that will make items impossible to locate.

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