10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In The Quarry

Heralded as the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, The Quarry, Supermassive’s newest offering in their choices-matter horror lineup, is sure to keep you on your toes for dozens of reasons. But along with all the storytelling lore that it shares with you directly as you move through the campaign, be sure you’re keeping your eyes peeled throughout the game for some interesting Easter eggs, too.

Both Until Dawn and The Quarry have been referred to online as love letters to the horror genre, homages in every sense, and it’s hard not to agree. Eagle-eyed fans will catch nods to other smash-hit franchises, the people behind them, and a number of other fun facts and helpful tricks to take your time at Hackett’s Quarry that much more in-depth.

10 Animated Twilight Zone Tutorials

Though stylistically much different from the rest of the game, the still off-putting animated tutorial sections are creepy enough in their own right. The quips are amusing and the characters are cute, but there's just something about them that raised the hair on our arms.

Mark Silverman was the voice behind the tutorial sections, chosen for the role specifically for his uncanny ability to sound like Rod Serling, creator and host of the infamous Twilight Zone, a much-beloved TV show in the horror world.

9 Other Icons Get Namesake Products

The Quarry is absolutely full of references to other horror tropes and traditions, but the game also nods to the people behind the scenes, too. For instance, your counselors can enjoy some Savini's beer or fire off McTiernan-brand shotgun shells. Tom Savini was a special effects artist on several horror movies, and John McTiernan directed Predator.

Additionally, we see Max get rejected from Landis University, named after John Landis who wrote and directed "An American Werewolf in London." He'll also reference The Evil Dead, which starred Ted Raimi (Sheriff Travis) and was directed by his brother, Sam Raimi.

8 Exploring More Gets You Lore

Anyone who played Until Dawn and the host of other life-and-death choice games released by Supermassive knows the devil is in the details. The story itself will give you enough of what you need to know, but there's much more to be found with a bit of exploring.

We're able to inspect things a number of times, even after seeing the preliminary reaction to the item. If you check it again, you'll oftentimes unlock additional dialogue, and even if you don't, you'll be able to read the text in full. These collectibles supplement the creepy elements present in the story itself to really drive home how hopeless and horrifying this game can be.

7 Trope In The Trophy Case

Developers love making references in their trophies list, and Supermassive is no exception. If Kaitlyn is your only survivor at the end of the game, you'll earn a trophy called "The Final Girl." In horror, there's an established trope of one female character being left alive to tell the story, and she's referred to as "the final girl."

And it's not scary by any means, but there was a fun pop-culture nod in the trophies as well. If you pass five 'don't breathe' segments flawlessly, you'll earn a trophy called "You're Breathtaking!" Who could forget the meme that took the internet by storm in 2019 when Keanu Reeves declared to an enthusiastic fan in the audience in the middle of a Cyberpunk 2077 presentation, "you're breathtaking!"

6 Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast IRL

It's early in the game when we first hear Ryan reference his supernatural podcast, Bizarre Yet Bonafide, but the developers took things one step further with it: as promotional material for the game, they actually made the podcast.

There's a six-episode series from the in-game podcast, some of which you'll hear in the game's end credits. The podcast references Until Dawn characters and, more than anything, Wendigos, the supernatural bad from the previous game.

5 A Reference 65 Million Years In The Making

We expected traditional horror franchises to make an appearance in a game like this, but Jurassic Park was kind of a surprise. However, if you've seen those movies, then you know it's definitely possible to trap a monster in a freezer.

Such is the case if your decisions find you with Kaitlyn in the kitchen trying to kill Caleb. If Abi took the teddy bear back in the first chapter and left her bag, Kaitlyn is able to toss the bear into the freezer, enticing Caleb to go check it out and allowing her to slam the door shut on him, trapping him in there to freeze to death.

4 Personifying Surnames

We've already mentioned how real-life people behind horror have had their names cited in the game, but the surnames of the playable characters can also tell us a lot about them.

For instance, Abi's last name is Blyg, which is Swedish for "shy." Emma's is Mountebank, which means, "someone who deceives." Dylan's is Czech for "lazy," Jacob's is Latin for "custodian," and Ryan's is German for "narrator." They're things you'll learn on your own in your playthrough, but a little linguistics study can give you some forewarning on your potential survivors.

3 Survive Until Dawn

The references to Until Dawn are immediate and glaring in concept alone: a group of teens, stuck alone in the woods, running from and fighting a supernatural something that's trying to kill them. But there are nods to it throughout the story, too.

For instance, in the segment of Bizarre Yet Bonafide you hear in the credits, one of the hosts says, "It was just a prank, Han," uttered by Emily in Until Dawn after Hannah runs off. Additionally, Kaitlyn will tell Dylan the camp reminds her of a ski lodge, and asks, "You never fantasized about being trapped on a remote ski resort in a snowstorm?"

2 They Were Warned, They Are Doomed

Murders happening at a lakeside summer camp feel decisively Friday The 13th, just like so many other things in this game. For instance, players who bought the deluxe edition of the game will be receiving '80s throwback outfits for each counselor, and Jacob's looks an awful lot like Ned, one of the counselors from the original Friday The 13th.

Tom Savini, whose name is mentioned on the beer bottles, was the special effects artist on this film. And while the whole arc with her seems to pull from it, did anyone else get a distinct Mrs. Voorhees vibe from Eliza being Silas' mother, too? Sounds like we're in for a rewatch of the iconic series.

1 Dewey End Our List On A Scream Reference?

While it's no secret that a lot of The Quarry was made in homage to other horror franchises, Will Byles, the creator, gave a list of the six horror movies that influenced his work on The Quarry. And it's no surprise at all to see Scream high up on his list.

"It wasn't that we stole specific ideas," said Byles, "it's that you can't go back to before Scream." David Arquette, the actor behind Chris Hackett, has a knack for playing bumbling cops or people of authority, like officer Dewey Riley in the Scream franchise. And he thinks Supermassive would be a great choice for a Scream game, so if a mainstay in the genre like Arquette gives his seal of approval, we know we're in for a treat.

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