10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights has some big shoes to fill after the Batman Arkham series. Developed by WB Montreal, the DC Comics game is lurking in the shadows of Rocksteady’s trilogy. But here, you’re experiencing a different Gotham and a different story.

Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin aren’t necessarily the same characters you may have met previously. Now, being able to play each of the four characters, you’ll have access to a variety of fighting styles and personalities. Aside from some of the game’s highlights, there are still some things we wish we knew before starting the Bat-family game.

10/10 It’s Nothing Like The Batman Arkham Series

Being compared to Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series is a big disadvantage for Gotham Knights, especially given how good the series was. But it’s important to know that this game is not connected to the trilogy in any way, shape, or form.

Sure, there are moments when you’re knocking out your final enemy or grappling through the city streets that are reminiscent of the trilogy, but ultimately, Gotham Knights is its own entity. This is something to be aware of when starting the game, otherwise, you’ll be pretty confused by the differences.

9/10 A Lot Of Grinding

The game includes a lot of RPG-style grinding. While you progress through the story, you’ll need to patrol the streets and interrogate faction members for intel.

Even if you just want to focus on the main story, you’ll have to complete these side tasks, and because of the level system, these enemies will become increasingly harder to fight. There’s really no way around the grinding, so it’s best to be prepared for it.

8/10 XP Is Earned Based On Levels

Speaking of the tier system, Gotham Knights enables you to earn XP in order to level up. Taking on enemies that are at a much higher level than you can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, so it's important that you feel compensated based on your efforts.

There are different ways to gain XP in the game, but it’s best to be strategic about your approach. The amount of XP earned on each conflict varies based on the enemy level. The higher the enemy power level, the more XP you’ll gain. If you’re at a lower level or the same as an enemy you’ll gain more XP, but if you're at a much higher level than your enemy, you'll earn little to none.

7/10 You Can Lose A Lot Of Resources When You Die

No one wants to die in a game, but Gotham Knights makes the situation riskier than usual. If you’re traversing the open world of Gotham, and you’re defeated, you’ll lose everything that you’ve collected thus far.

The main story doesn’t have this problem. Your belongings are safe in boss battles and other story missions. But you’ll want to be as cautious as possible if you’re on night patrol. For this reason, you should pick your battles wisely.

6/10 Timed Attacks Do More Damage

It’s tempting to spam attack your opponents with the game’s combat system, but if you’re looking to do more damage, you’ll want to prioritize timed attacks.

You’ll notice that the quick spam attacks won’t deal as much damage. And when dealing with higher-level enemies, fighting this way won’t be the most efficient way to take them down. You’ll see the positive results as your character’s attacks get swifter and more powerful. This can be especially helpful for heavy-hitters.

5/10 Fast Travel Is Restricted By Drones

Fast travel is commonly restricted at the beginning of some open-world games, but Gotham Knights offers a unique way of unlocking it. You’ll need to track down drones flying through the night sky and disable them.

Some of these drones will have impenetrable force fields around them that make them nearly impossible to disable. For these drones, you’ll have to follow the drone until it lands to recharge. It’s a tedious process, but it’s good to know if you’re looking to unlock it as soon as possible.

4/10 Knighthood Challenges

Traversal is limited at the beginning of the game. Your only means of transportation is by grappling or riding the Batcycle. But if you prefer gliding, you can gain this ability by completing Knighthood challenges. Each character has a series of missions to finish before they can obtain their Knighthood, which is a huge improvement to the way you play.

The four characters each have their own unique way of gliding. But beware, you’ll have to complete the challenges for each character. Completing Knighthood with one character won’t give the others upgraded abilities.

3/10 Hostage Rescue Missions

Some care needed with hostage rescue missions, in which a group of civilians has bombs strapped to them. It’s very important to maintain a stealthy approach here. If you’re spotted, the bombs will immediately start counting down. You only have a minute to save everyone once this happens, and disarming the bombs is not a quick solution.

Unless you only have one bomb left, and you’ve managed to defeat all the enemies, there’s a good chance you’re doomed to fail this mission, so be as cautious as possible.

2/10 Be Strategic When Navigating An Area

There’s no jump button in this game, and the only time you’re able to jump is if there’s a gap to jump over, if you’re landing after grappling, and if you want to perch yourself on a railing.

There are plenty of structures in the open world that seems plausible to jump on or over, but it's limited to certain objects. Keep this in mind while you’re playing, so you don’t get caught up in a space during a stealth mission.

1/10 Pay Attention To Iconography

They may be small, but their meaning can be significant. Pay attention to red icons when you’re in combat or scanning an area before combat. These icons can tell you which specific enemy to interrogate, so you know to keep them conscious while you’re fighting.

The small red magnifying glass is also an important icon if you’re gathering intel on premeditated crimes. These clues can build up over time and help you solve your cases.

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