10 Tips To Make An Overpowered Sorcerer In Dungeons and Dragons

The Sorcerer class has always been in a balanced place as the intermediary between the Warlock and the Wizard. Versatility is the key to this class, and if managed and developed correctly, it can be an overwhelming force at any party. The roleplaying options are also interesting as the Sorcerer’s powers are inherent and connected to their ancestry.

Like any D&D class, there are multiple avenues a player can go down to create a Sorcerer to their liking. But, if they want the most optimized and powerful Sorcerer, their options are a little limited. Do not fear because these options will open up great combative and roleplaying opportunities.

Updated by Kristy Ambrose on February 18th, 2021: The Sorcerer continues to stand out as a unique and exciting spellcasting class, and their versatility in the party is the main reason. The unexplained and unpredictable nature of a Sorcerer’s powers can be a benefit or a hazard to any party and is often part of a challenge in any group setting. Navigating the ups and downs of playing a Sorcerer is one ideal way to immerse a player in the lore and wonder of the D&D universe. 

10 Roll a Tiefling

It’s all about Intelligence and Charisma for a Sorcerer. Tieflings, like Half-Elfs, get +2 Charisma; they also get +1 Intelligence, fire damage resistance, and spells like Thaumaturgy and Darkness. It’s also fairly obvious as to their magical connections since a defining characteristic of the race is their infernal bloodline. This leads to other features, like a propensity for an Evil Alignment, Darkvision, and the ability to speak Infernal.

9 Roll a Variant Human

Another option when it comes to races is the Variant Human, which is only possible when using optional feat rules from the Player’s Handbook. This race gets an ability score increase along with one Skill and one Feat, as long as the DM permits the change and the player doesn’t mind their Variant traits taking the place of the usual Ability Score Increase.

Humans and Human Variants are versatile classes, coming from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic, and professional backgrounds. They can be any alignment and don’t have a natural leaning towards Good or Evil.

8 Sorcerer Backgrounds

Players are only limited to two options when it comes to crafting a strong Sorcerer. The two wonderful options for Origin are Draconic Bloodline or Wild Magic. Draconic Bloodline is not only cool for character background, but players can access two innate abilities that will help them down the road, Dragon Wings and Dragon Resilience.

Wild Magic makes you a manipulator of chaos, another very cool story beat. Best of all, you gain access to the Tides of Chaos. You can gain a saving throw, ability check, or an attack roll; after a long rest, why not use it again.

7 Metamagic

Even though the player won’t get this until the 10th level, it’s a great one to lock in before the campaign begins. The key spells to equip are Twinned Spell, Heightened Spell, and Quickened Spell. Use these to affect two enemies at once, use a Cantrip alongside a spell cast or avoid saving throws.

The sorcerer needs to spend Sorcery points to Metamagic effects. Skull Splitter Dicer recommends using a spell slot to get more Sorcery points in case there isn’t enough. “For example, you can expend a 1st level spell slot to gain 2 Sorcery points.

6 Stat: Charisma

Unlike Wizards and Warlocks, a Sorcerer does not need an external source to generate magic spells. The source of their magic is themselves, technically through a Bloodline. The highest ability score should go into Charisma. Specific races can bolster this ability score more.

Charisma affects spell strength, Difficulty Checks (DCs) for enemies, and the amount of Spell Points (SP). A higher Charisma yields the maximum amount of Spell Points and higher DCs for the enemies. Most Sorcerers secure an ability score of 18 to 20 Charisma before the start of the campaign.

5 Stat: Constitution

In any fantasy setting, a spellcaster or mage is seen as weak to physical attacks due to their light armor. A Sorcerer is almost no different, but one can alleviate that in D&D. Allocate the second or third highest ability score to Constitution.

The minimum amount of Constitution a Sorcerer should start off with is 13. A higher constitution means higher HP. Sorcerers need to be able to persist in order to stay present in the team fight and dole out heavy-hitting spells.

4 Stat: Dexterity

While it’s great to emphasize Charisma and Constitution, one can’t skimp out on Dexterity. Every player needs Dexterity in the 5th edition for armor proficiency, saving throws, and their ability to use multiple items.

Because the player’s Charisma is also going to be really high, make sure to leverage Charisma Skills like Deception, Intimidation, and Persuasion. Who doesn’t want to be a master of the social situation in a campaign?

3 Your Ideal Spellbook

Like any good player in a campaign, supporting the party in any way can yield great results further down the line. A Sorcerer can have access to multiple spells to help the party. While it does not have to be the Sorcerer’s entire repertoire, it’s good to have two or three spells on hand.

Blindness, Deafness, and Hold Person are great spells to restrict enemy movement or action. Invisibility is another good one, so use this spell to help sneak your party or for stealth operations. Cast Web reduces the damage and restricts movement on enemies.

2 Armor & Weapons

Like most mages, heavy-hitting physical weapons like axes and swords are not the Sorcerer’s territory. Smaller weapons like crossbows, daggers, or darts are better options. It’s more supplementary than anything since the player has their magic as their primary offense.

For armor, well, the player doesn’t need armor. Light armor or standard clothes will do. This can work out to the player’s advantage if they have the Wild Magic origin. Magic Armor can increase AC and Dexterity for eight hours if the player isn’t wearing armor. If the player is from the Draconic Bloodline, all they need is Dragon Resilience as described above.

1 Feat: Inspiring Leader

Leadership is a great quality, but not that kind of leader. Inspiring Leader is the best Feat for a Sorcerer. Most Feats are either unhelpful or pretty crippling to a Sorcerer. Even a few of the better Feats for the class have some drawbacks.

Most Sorcerers are going to eligible for this Feat since it requires 13 Charisma. The player will bolster confidence up to six different “creatures” (including party members) in a 30-meter radius. Inspiring Leader is a great feat in case the party does not offer a lot of healing magic.

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